How to Meditate

How to meditate by posture, position and approach:

Sitting Meditation - How to Sit and Meditate
Standing Meditation - How to Stand and Meditate
Walking Meditation - How to Walk and Meditate
Bowing Meditation - How to Bow and Meditate
Breathing Meditation - How to Breathe and Meditate
More Ways to Meditate

Though the goal in meditation is essentially the same, we practice various positions, postures and philosophies. This site features interviews with both teachers and students. There are also articles on many meditation techniques.

Ways, forms and specific approaches to meditation:

Yoga Meditation - How to Practice Yoga and Meditate
Zen Meditation - How to Practice Zen and Meditate
Other Forms and Disciplines of Meditation

How to Meditate - Meditating Outdoors
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Meditation How


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