Sitting Meditation

Interviews on how to sit and meditate:

Sitting Meditation Interview with Seikan Cech

with Seikan Cech

"In Zen, the most direct path comes from an attitude which is wholehearted and non-expecting, in other words not weighed down by any particular intent. So I often use the phrase: "Let your motivation bring you to the practice, then leave it at the door.""


Sitting Meditation Interview with Genko Rainwater

with Genko Rainwater

"Shikantaza does involve non-doing, and sitting with no particular technique other than staying focused and awake. Watching things rise and fall, whether that be thoughts, feelings, or sensations. It is theme-less, in that there is no particular visualization or thought."


Sitting Meditation Interview with Peter Ford

with Peter Ford

"Of course, the mind always wanders, but straightening the posture seems to start something happening in the brain. This is totally speculative on my part, but I’m convinced good posture has a beneficial effect through hormones, brain waves, or some physical process."


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