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I believe it is fair to suggest here that we, as a species, commonly seek something to make life complete, whether it is peace, love and happiness, or something we can't quite name. Health, too. We seek health. After we recover a fair amount of health, then we are back to seeking peace, love and happiness. People turn to meditation for many reasons. To improve health is certainly one of them. Some of us believe that through meditation we can reach something higher—something quite spiritual, transcendence.

Meditation only offers good things. It's common sense, really. Is slowing down, taking a break and getting in touch with what is really going on ever bad advice? I like to think of it in simple geometrical terms. There is the horizontal and the vertical. The horizontal represents your life as it takes place in terms of events, rushing from one to another, ever determined to accomplish! accomplish! Then, there is the vertical, which is a measure of the depth of experience one manages in the midst of any moment. When the horizontal dominates, the vertical must suffer.

The meaning of our lives depends on the vertical. The accomplishments begin to feel empty because we've lost track of the why of it all. Many find, after returning to a bit of vertical, that they had never really actually known very much of the why to begin with, and so a spiritual journey begins.

Benjamin Dean in Northern Colorado, 2015

Benjamin in Northern Colorado (2015)

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